Momo Vintage
Vintage clothing store in Florence

Momo Vintage opens in August 2017, in the heart of Florence's historic center (Via dei Serragli 7 / R), in the S.Spirito and S.Frediano area.
of artists, stylists, antique dealers, old trattorias, new bistros, shopkeepers, foreigners and opens thanks to the thoughtful passion for Vintage by the owner Nicola Naimoli.
Passionate about "Used" Nicola begins to buy and wear vintage clothes, from his adolescence, in Naples, his hometown.

He moved to Florence and took his first steps in sales of vintage, more than 20 years ago, at the Central Market of S. Lorenzo, when it was still the real Florentine market, taking a bank to buy and sell items mainly American, military and jeans. The activity made it from an economic point of view, but above all it found in the customers a great interest for this slice of the market, with increasing requests. He decided to expand the range of choice and therefore also to purchase designer and tailor-made clothes. Fashion, clothes as an expression of a culture and a society of the past that has led to new forms of dressing and behavior. Dresses that resurface from past trends to be chosen and inhabited once again in the present continuous of fashion.

In 2006, with this mood, opens a wholesaler and sells for stores by selecting Vintage quality, signed and tailored, clothes designed by stylists, cult pieces that have made history.
This activity increasingly increases its culture of Vintage, both because it goes directly to the source to buy, and because selling to industry experts has the opportunity to exchange information on products. The experience will make the choice of the leaders and his eye even finer, more careful, more critical. The clothes must have a story to tell, a particularity, present in the fabric used, in the fit, in the colors and prints, in the lines, in the adhesions or in the padding. Quality and craftsmanship, objects of worship for the superiority with which they were produced or for the culture and customs of the moment. Capi with values, that have a soul, sewed and thought with the heart, cared for in detail, unique pieces born to withstand over time. A search that does not stop only in clothes, but also extends to bags, shoes, original accessories, objects, without ever losing sight of the importance of the charm of the classic.
In this way, he creates an archive of high quality Vintage and this is how Momo Vintage is born. Dressing Vintage means to acquire a role as a guardian of memory. The word "Vintage" originally means "grape harvest", that is "vintage wine", a product that must have been made at least 20 years before today. The shop reflects the vintage also from a stylistic point of view of furniture. It is studied in detail, from the shelves, to the furniture, to the tables, thanks to the owner's mastery in renovating, recycling and readjusting to give new life to objects and furniture in general. Entering the rooms of Momo Vintage it is very easy to realize the personality behind it, great attention to details, to designer and tailor-made garments, to objects that acquire value over time due to the unrepeatability of the quality standards of producibility of the time.
Moving inside is a real leap into the past, the stands are populated by sportswear, gala evenings, day-dresses, folk, navy, jeans with unusual fits and washes, hyper chic accessories and cool.
A Vintage that still winks at the fashions of the moment. Wearing it means reviving not only a form, but a feeling that we feel close to us and that can also take on a conceptual tone, illuminating the contemporary, creating inevitable connections between past and present.

We find garments by Chanel, Yvea Saint Laurent, Moschino, Ferré, Versace, Courregès, Vuitton, Ferragamo, Burberry, Pucci, Hermes and others.

All meticulously washed, ironed, well kept. Material that is also scrupulously observed by industry professionals, such as style offices and fashion students. Even the staff is part of a choice taken care of by Nicola, rigorously qualified in the Vintage and welcoming.
A passion, a love, an enthusiasm, a spirit for Vintage that leads the owner to increase its archive, to explore new sales markets, to push Momo Vintage towards a growth of its own life.