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Momo Vintage: vintage clothing and objects in Florence

The shop is located in Via dei Serragli 7r, in the city center.

We have numerous vintage items in our store.                                               

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Momo Vintage purchases designer clothes

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Momo Vintage: the Company

We are in Florence, in Tuscany.

He moved to Florence and took his first steps in sales of vintage, more than 20 years ago, at the Central Market of S. Lorenzo, when it was still the real Florentine market, taking a bank to buy and sell items mainly American, military and jeans. The activity made it from an economic point of view, but above all it found in the customers a great interest for this slice of the market, with increasing requests. He decided to expand the range of choice and therefore also to purchase designer and tailor-made clothes. Fashion, clothes as an expression of a culture and a society of the past that has led to new forms of dressing and behavior. Dresses that resurface from past trends to be chosen and inhabited once again in the present continuous of fashion.In 2006, with this mood, opens a wholesaler and sells for stores by selecting Vintage quality, signed and tailored, clothes designed by stylists, cult pieces that have made history.This activity increasingly increases its culture of Vintage, both because [...]

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Vintage items for men and women

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